The Hollywood Writers’ Room Trilogy

The women of the Death Sucks writer’s room are smart, savvy and powerful. Together they create one of the most popular shows on television and are loved by legions of fans.

She’s Got a Way

A talented yet shy author. A popular, handsome actor with a visiting brother. A simmering three-way attraction that can’t be ignored.

Kassi Mevin has all she could ever want in life except one thing: a family. Orphaned at a young age, she longs for love and security.

A talented author, a painfully shy introvert, when she learns one of her books is being made into a movie, she’s ecstatic—then nervous when she’s ordered to be on set during filming.

She is quickly befriended by Swedish actor Oliver Löfgren, surprised at how easily he slips past her defenses. She’s equally surprised by how fast their simmering spark of passion turns into a raging inferno.

When Theo, Oliver’s brother, flies over for a visit, she extends her friendship to him, but she’s shocked by the flood of affection—and desire—she feels for her boyfriend’s brother.

They decide to forge ahead, planning a relationship that includes the three of them. Kassi has never felt more loved, more cherished, more wanted than with these two men.

But reality is always waiting to strike a blow to those seeking happiness. Can Kassi find the strength to risk her heart, or will old insecurities resurface and cause the family she created with Oliver and Theo to go up in smoke?   

She’s Got a Way is available now.

She’s a Rainbow

A strong screenwriter. A gorgeous Irish actor. A romance made for the movies.

Desiree Martin scrambled her way back to the top . . . again. This time, she’s determined to stay there. So when the perfect Patrick Flannigan agrees to play the villain in her movie, she has to think twice before falling into a relationship with him.

Patrick can’t believe his luck. Desi is everything he’s ever wanted in a woman: smart, warm, funny, and beautiful. He has no reservations about an on-set romance; gossip be damned. He’s delighted when Desi finally decides to cast her inhibitions aside. They plunge headlong into a set romance that could quickly turn into something more permanent if they’re lucky.

But when simple gossip turns to insidious sabotage, things take a dark turn. While trying to discover who’s trying to ruin Desi’s reputation, more questions emerge. Can two people who live in the glare of Hollywood learn to trust their feelings when the lights go out? And most importantly, will they get a happily ever after?

She’s a Rainbow is available now.

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